Dispense medications in office when you can – send the rest to our partner pharmacy.

We focus on you – the provider of healthcare services. Our goal is to ensure your patients will receive their medications with concierge-level service and at the lowest costs. With our Provider Pharmacy Services, workers compensation, personal injury, auto and cash patients will receive their prescriptions directly from your office. Patients that do not fit in your dispensing profile, commercial, private pay and Medicare patients are serviced through our in-network pharmacies.

Billing and collections are handled by our in-house, dedicated team who have the highest percentage of collections in the industry. Our pharmacies have contracts with all PBMs and will handle your prior authorizations. We make every effort to minimize medication substitutions, ultimately reducing overhead and giving you complete transparency into the status of your patient’s prescriptions.

Our Provider Portal offers real time transactional and compliance details:

  • Issue Date
  • Fill Date
  • Delivery Status
  • Refill Status
  • Reimbursement Status

With reimbursement rates shrinking and medication adherence responsibilities increasing, offering your patients services at the point of care and through Advanced Rx pharmacy makes tremendous sense. Every practice is unique, so we offer a range of service options that enable you to offer the best program for your patients.



Improve patient care and drive ancillary revenue with Advanced Rx.


Improve patient care by partnering with a pharmacy to service all of your patient prescription needs.

All Insurances

Advanced Rx programs enable you to dispense most medications to your workers compensation and personal injury patients. Our pharmacies are In-Network with all insurance companies and therefore can service all of your commercial and Medicare patients too. Advanced Rx works cooperatively with insurance companies and associated Pharmacy Benefit Managers to ensure that your patients get the medications they need in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We only substitute medications if mandated by the insurance companies to ensure the lowest cost to your patients and minimal overhead on your staff.

All Medications

Advanced Rx works with the largest suppliers in the industry to ensure that we can obtain any medications and support any protocols. We are in partnership with many manufacturers to ensure that we get the lowest medication pricing and can accept ALL manufacturer discount coupons.

Specialty medications are supported directly by us and partner pharmacies. In all cases we will be your single point of contact for all your patient prescription needs.

All Physician Specialties

Unlike other pharmacies and dispensing companies who only support certain physician specialties, Advanced Rx welcomes relationships with ALL providers in all specialties including:


  • Unique brand medications with manufacturer co-pay assistance.
  • Over the counter and prescription programs for cash pay patients.
  • Often, we can create compounds that are less expensive for patients than typical brand medications.

Pain Management

  • Both narcotic and narcotic alternatives are available.
  • Pharmacists are always available to discuss patient needs, prescribing protocols and optimal non-narcotic or limited-narcotic substitution programs.


  • Erectile dysfunction medications are offered, including a variety of compounded versions that are far cheaper than the typical brand or generic medications.

Ear Nose and Throat

  • Unique specialty and brand medications are offered.
  • Customized patient protocols are available.


  • Hormone replacement programs are offered, including custom made medications for specific patient requirements.


  • Both specialty brand and generic medications are offered.
  • Customized medications are available through the pharmacy
  • We support workers compensation and personal injury patients through your in-office dispensary.