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Updated: Apr 11

AdvancedRx & AHCS Join Forces to Create a Pharmacy Services Powerhouse

Revolutionizing The Pharmacy Services Landscape

We are thrilled to introduce you to a major development in the pharmacy services market: the consolidation of Advanced Rx and Automated Healthcare Solutions (AHCS) under the AdvancedRx brand. This strategic move solidifies AdvancedRx's position as a leading provider of comprehensive pharmacy solutions, offering enhanced value and innovation to its physicians and partners.

We believe this consolidation presents a significant opportunity for AdvancedRx to further revolutionize the pharmacy services landscape. We are confident that this new chapter will allow us to deliver even greater value to physicians, improve patient outcomes, and contribute meaningfully to the healthcare industry.

We look forward to meeting in person and are honored to have the opportunity to share more details about this exciting development and its positive impact on you and the industry.


This exciting news marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, combining the strengths of two industry leaders to create a powerhouse with:

Unmatched Expertise:

AdvancedRx with AHCS now boasts a team of industry veterans with deep expertise in pharmacy operations, technology, and patient care.

Expanded Service Portfolio:

The combined organization offers a wider range of services,  including medication management, adherence programs, specialty pharmacy,  and data analytics. Repack medications, ordering services to help eliminate impact on staff, onsite inventory management and reconciliation with no outside payments to a third party re-packager. 

AdvancedRx leverages the ezDispense rules-based billing engine, ensuring efficient and accurate billing processes for physicians and practices along with adherence with carriers requirements.

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