Improve patient care while driving ancillary revenue into your practice.

Physicians and pharmacists alike know the importance of providing patients with proper medications. However, it is increasingly important that these medications be monitored and administered under direct physician supervision, especially when it comes to pain management care.

By partnering with Advanced Rx to build a physician dispensing program, physicians are able to offer pharmaceutical solutions at an affordable cost to the consumer while creating additional revenue for the practice.

Point of Care Dispensary features:

  • Ensure compliance
    • Get their medications
    • Urine testing
    • Utilization
  • All insurances covered
  • Co-pay support
  • Narcotics available, but also non-addictive alternative protocols
  • Long term medication – refill support

Our team will work with your office to review patient medication requirements and offer non-narcotic solutions whenever possible while actively seeking lowest prices and popular trending medications within your geographic location to maximize your earning potential through in-office dispensing services.

This service is complimented with our extensive network of pharmacists throughout the US ready to fill any orders not readily carried within your office.

Improve patient care and drive ancillary revenue with Advanced Rx.

Why Consider In-House Pain Medication Dispensing?

An in-house pharmacy has the flexibility to offer medications typically prescribed within your office offering the added benefit of quickly controlling their patients pain without the need for the patient to stand in lines and any additional travel needed to fulfill the prescription.

Patients experiencing crippling pains resulting from injuries will have the added benefit of picking up their medications directly in-office and apply topicals or take oral medications to help patients quickly control their pain.

Less Time Waiting

Patients experiencing pain do not want to stand in long lines to wait for a prescription or to wait for the opportunity to ask a pharmacist a question about a prescription. In-House dispensing allows physicians to write prescriptions and have them filled while the patient is visiting the doctor.

Working Together for Patient Safety

Our network of pharmacists has detailed information about the patients existing medications and will work with your physicians to ensure your patients prescriptions are reviewed for maximum patient safety and carefully filled and monitored. Health and addiction concerns are taken into consideration when making prescription recommendations.

Our Point of Care Dispensing Services include:

Physician Dispensing

Provide your work comp, personal injury and cash-pay patients with a fast and convenient service to receive their medications at your office.

Patient Drug Testing

Choose the best Drug Testing panels. Urine, Saliva and DNA testing options available.

Central Fill Pharmacy Automation

Unique program that allows our partner physicians to dispense medications to patients by outsourcing production to a partner pharmacy.

Single Use Kits

Choose from a variety of single ingredient prescription injections administered in a highly efficient manner at the point of care.