Achieve superior patient care by enhancing their experience and ensuring compliance reducing overhead.

When choosing a company to manage your point of care services, choose the partner that will work with you throughout all stages of the implementation, operation, and ongoing support of your program. Advanced Rx helps providers achieve superior patient care while conveying transparent guidance on pharmaceutical business opportunities. Our programs uniquely focus on our partner physicians.

We take care all of the implementation, operation, and management, so you are free to focus on what matters most—your patients.

Advanced Rx provider benefits

Maximize your billing revenue.

Advanced Rx prides itself on being a management company built from a billing infrastructure. We strive to be the industry leader and the most trusted partner for every medical practice’s billing needs. As such, we offer many unique billing features for your dispensary or pharmacy:

  • A Billing Specialist assigned to your account, which specializes in your local state.
  • Established processes to minimize collection time, with an average collection time of 30-45 days.
  • Direct negotiation with insurance companies and PBM’s on behalf of your practice – minimizing your ‘Do Not Dispense’ list.

Benefit from Advanced Rx Formulary Optimization™.

A significant key to your Point of Care program’s success is our Advanced Rx Formulary Optimization™. This involves monitoring medications available in relation to the medications you prescribe.

Leverage Supply-Chain Relationships.

Advanced Rx has extensive supply-chain operations experience. We maintain close relationships with the most respected wholesale suppliers in the country. In addition, we are constantly building new connections with specialized niche suppliers. These relationships provide your practice with innovative and unique treatment options for your patients. Our established Point of Care dispensaries and pharmacies throughout the United States also ensure that we receive the best volume rates on medications.

Manage prescription protocols.

The new healthcare laws put greater responsibility for patient prescription adherence into the hands of physicians. With 75% of Americans reporting they do not take medications as prescribed, having a Point of Care dispensary or pharmacy program makes it easier for physicians to ensure their patients follow their medication protocols. Physicians can confirm patients have filled their initial prescription as well as track and ensure patient compliance and refills.

Maintain compliance.

You can rest assured that your controlled substance reporting is being handled. The software systems used in each of our programs are designed to automatically submit PDMP and Zero Reporting notices according to the appropriate state’s specific rules.

Focus on satisfied patients.

Loyal patients who provide referrals are important to every practice. Understanding this, Advanced Rx works with our physician partners to focus on satisfied patients who achieve good outcomes. Whether it’s through a Point of Care dispensary program or an on-site pharmacy, your patients will appreciate the personal benefits they receive from your practice. Patients receive more comfortable and secure care when the physician and medication dispensing alliance is intimately linked.

Make prescription pick up fast and easy.

A Point of Care dispensary or pharmacy program will make your patient’s lives just a little bit easier–one less step between the written prescription and the patient following their medication protocol. Our on-site programs significantly improve the likelihood that a prescription will be filled.