Pros of In-Office Medication Dispensing

Weighing Out the Pros and Cons

In-Office medication dispensing technology offers patients easier access to their oral and self-injectable medications while opening a new potential revenue stream for physicians’ practices.

  • Physicians can stock and dispense medications they regularly prescribe
  • Helps to avoid the hassle of getting prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy
  • EHR documents are accurate, straightforward and simple
  • Allows physicians to focus more on research and peer collaboration
  • Makes it possible to dispense only what’s needed
  • Ensures patients return for follow up treatment
  • Patients can get insurance prior-authorizations and get their check-up all at the same time
  • Supports oral care therapy
  • It would be extremely convenient for patients
  • Doctors could provide prescriptions at lower prices
  • It would bring in revenue

Cons of In-Office Medication Dispensing

  • Physicians would have to ensure they use the right software to avoid drug interactions
  • Extra measures would have to be taken to prevent addicts from trying to locate drugs
  • Such a system would require an investment
  • Clinics would have to manage stock, order inventory, reimburse fee’s, and more


Every practice is unique, so we offer a range of service options that enable you to offer the best program for your patients.

Is it Worth It?

The benefits of having an in-office medication unit certainly outweigh the downfalls by far. What physicians need to consider is the convenience such a system would bring to their patients who obviously are ill and shouldn’t have to worry about picking up prescriptions from a crowded pharmacy. And yes, it may take a substantial investment; however, it would be a smart investment since it could bring in more than triple the amount in revenue. It basically can be considered as having another business within a business that also brings in profits.

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