Doctors: Did You Know You Can Dispense Medication in Office for Happier and Healthier Patients?

Doctors: Did You Know You Can Dispense Medication in Office for Happier and Healthier Patients?

In the medical field, advancements and different solutions are being discovered frequently. In efforts to make the day to day operations of business in the medical field simplistic and efficient, advancements help move the industry forward. These advancements are of particular interest to business owners, doctors, medical providers, and the likes. This article will discuss the basics on how physician dispensing can be implemented with the creation of an in-house dispensary. As well as some of the risk/ drawbacks, and the benefits associated with physician prescription dispensing.

Why Dispense Medication in Office?

So let’s discuss some reasons you should have an in house dispensary at your medical facilities. If you and your staff decide that opening an in-house pharmacy is beneficial and you have enough customers that would be repeat patients, it may be a good decision.

Customer Convenience is Key

Customers would be thrilled at the convenience that physician prescription dispensing provides. Most, if not all customers would prefer this as opposed to having to travel to pick up prescriptions. Sometimes the pharmacies are a long distance to travel, or the medications might too expensive. From the physicians standpoint, having a dispensary would allow the customers to be more compliant because the pharmacy is already on site and they may not deterrents that normally occur when dealing with for profit pharmacies.

Revenue Stream for Your Office

Doctor medication dispensing would now be able to profit from offering new services to existing and new customers. Since everything is in house, the filing, and focus can allow the practice to be more patient and customer centered. This would reduce the amount of calls, miscommunication, and errors that take place between client, providers and pharmacies. This could also allow physicians to be able to better track client’s records and files.

So, What’s the Catch?

Some customers have restrictions on filling prescriptions, meaning they are not able to get refills at certain places. Some name brand drugs may be too expensive to reasonably price, depending on specialty of the practice. All physicians in the practice need to consent in order to legally start a pharmacy, and that is not always easy.

Consider a Managed Service

Another drawback comes with having a multitude of authorization checks, if you choose to process your own claims. The amount of checks can become overwhelming to an inexperienced staff member. Lastly, having all the legal paperwork to ensure that the pharmacy is following all regulations and policies can be time consuming as well, but if these drawbacks are not a concern then let’s discuss how to actually start implementing doctor medication dispensing by way of adding an on-site dispensary.

Physician dispensing on site is not something new. There are actually many companies that are able to provide the services that are needed. When stating up you will need to determine the types of medications that you need to carry and the meds that are most frequently used. You will also negotiate prices with companies that will be providing the pills. Also you will need to have drafted agreements that discuss reimbursements, liabilities, refunds, etc. for your clients. Different states have different regulation that require providers to do different things in order to start their business, so you will have to check up on that as well. Our physician dispensing services are designed to help

Why Choose Advanced RX?

Advanced RX provides helps and support to practices that are interested in starting doctor medication dispensing or physician dispensing. Our services help ease the burden of having to train or hire another staff member that may be inexperienced for the job. Our consultants will work with you and offer recommendations on how to cater to customers who would be using the service repeatedly.

Our services will guide your office to a successful dispensary business as the customers are the lifeline of service and treating them right can have a profitable outcome. Let us work with you and create a plan that is right for your practice and patients.

Happy Customer = Happy Practice

Customers will always be happy when they can refill their prescriptions at the same location they received a checkup. The convenience provided can help a lot of customers that are not able to travel far or have financial restrictions. Doctors are able to generate more money, better serve their customers and keep a better handle on what medications their customers are taking. The choice to add the in house pharmacy can have some risks associated with it. But, with the right training and guidance, an in-house pharmacy can provide better services for both clients and physicians. Contact Us Today for your free consultation.