Pharmacy Billing Optimization Services

Maximize reimbursement revenue for your pharmacy.

Our pharmacy billing optimization services offer independent pharmacies an alternative to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Quadruple your reimbursements for workers compensation, no fault, personal injury and auto prescriptions.

Advanced Rx provides pharmacies guidance on optimizing medications, then bills insurance companies directly on behalf of the pharmacy. Ultimately alleviating the need for a billing department and offers full transparency of actually billings, collections and reimbursements.

Pharmacy Billing Optimization Services Feature:

  • Immediate and easy adjudication on all workers compensation, no fault, personal injury and auto prescriptions
  • Monthly Reports providing transparency on prescriptions submitted, billed and collected
  • Monthly payments made to pharmacy
  • Guidance on medication options to optimize revenue
  • Up to 7 times greater reimbursement per script

Enhance the revenue and value of your pharmacy today with Advanced Rx.