Specialty Pharmacy: The Integrated Pharmacy Model

Specialty Pharmacy: The Integrated Pharmacy Model

The integrated pharmacy model can be used to help private physicians and medical office managers to recognize the benefits from improving the patient experience with in-house pharmacy services. The pharmacy services could be used as an additional source of revenue for the medical office and could also be used to motivate the patients to choose the services from that medical office. A patient who has a back or leg injury would want to quickly get some medicine to control the pain.

A Primary Factor for the Integrated Pharmacy Model

With pharmacy services in a small clinic or medical office, patients can quickly get some medicine after speaking with a physician. A primary factor for providing those pharmacy services is the importance of medicine for controlling health problems, such as the pain and swollen joints that are caused by arthritis. The process for providing health care services can be simplified if patients can get some medicine during an appointment.

Benefits from Special Pharmacy Services in a Medical Office

Physicians should recognize the problems for patients who want to immediately use some medicine to control pain or an allergic reaction. The pain from those health problems could cause behavioral problems for the patients, such as angry outbursts. A physician should try to provide several services to help to protect the dignity of the patients who are experiencing a serious social disadvantage with the problems from an injury or from chronic pain. Some pain medicines can be used to significantly improve the mood of a patient who wants to relax while calmly speaking with a physician about a health problem.

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Enhance the Patient Experience with Pharmacy Services in a Medical Office

Most patients appreciate the convenient opportunity for getting some advice and medicine from a pharmacist during an office appointment. The patients could speak with the physician and also with the pharmacist about any problems or benefits from some medicines. With more information about the medicines, a patient could effectively participate in the decision process for his or her treatment plan. The pharmacist could work with the physician and with the patient to make decisions about lifestyle changes and about the proper dosage for the medicines.

Share the Patient Experience with Your Medical Office Staff

The benefits for your patients come from the professional efforts from your office staff. If you provide complete services for your patients, then you could help your patients to quickly return to his or her normal daily routine. With some simple methods for insurance forms, your patients could easily handle payments for office visits and for medicine. The pharmacy services in your office could help your patients to use less time for getting some medicine to control a serious health problem, such as fibromyalgia.

Services for Improving the Patient Experience in a Medical Office

If you provide pharmacy services in your medical office, then your patients could conveniently enjoy the benefits from a high-quality customer experience for a patient. The personal touch from a physician for providing several convenient services can have an important emotional benefit for the patients. Your patients could relax while at your office and could feel confident about the high quality of your health care services. The patients could speak with you during an appointment and could then leave your office with some important medicine, such as for controlling the pain and swelling from a sprained wrist or from plantar fasciitis.

Increase Your Revenue with Pharmacy Services for Your Medical Office

The pharmacy services in a medical office are a significant competitive advantage for a physician. Most patients would prefer to visit one office for services for diagnosis, treatment and for medicine. The additional expenses for dispensing medicines can be justified with the increase in revenue and with the benefits for the patients. Your patients could have a pleasant experience during an office visit and would not be required to make an extra trip to a pharmacy to get some medicine.

Protect Your Investment in Your Medical Practice with In-house Pharmacy Services

You should recognize the priorities of your patients. Some of your patients may have a back injury and may not be able to easily put clothes into a clothes washing machine. Those same patients may also experience too much back pain to comfortably stand while washing dishes in a kitchen sink. You should easily recognize the high priority for medicine for those same patients who may also struggle with pain while trying to walk from the parking lot to your office. The pharmacy services in your office can be an investment for protecting your business.

Recognize the Importance of Providing Several Special Services for Your Patients

If you want more patients to choose the services from your office, then you should offer more services to help your patients. The patients could have an option for scheduling an appointment online or for requesting a refill for a prescription on your website. Your patients could get an email or phone text message as confirmation for approving the request. The convenience of having several medical services at one office is especially important for patients who are experiencing excruciating pain, such as from irritable bowel syndrome.

Teamwork with Pharmacy Services for Improving the Patient Experience in a Medical Office

The pharmacy services in a medical office are an important factor for using teamwork to improve the patient experience. You can help your patients with some advice and with some medicine before he or she then goes home to rest, relax and to spend some time with his or her family. The physicians who use a business approach with the integrated pharmacy model do recognize the importance of the role of a pharmacist for providing important medicine to help the patients.