Guide to Getting Started with Physician Dispensing

Guide to Getting Started with Physician Dispensing

The decision about providing physician dispensing services for medicines at a private medical office or full-service clinic should be based on the cost factors and also on the personal preferences of the patients.

Be prepared to cover the costs for security precautions for storing the medicines and develop precautions to use for dispensing the medicines, such as carefully verifying the information for prescription medicine.

Assess the Personal Preferences of Patients for Choosing In-house Pharmacy Services

Many patients prefer to go to a medical office where there are several support services, such as physical therapy and in-house pharmacy services. With one-stop services, patients would not be required to make a special trip to get some pain medicine. Physicians can quickly increase revenue by providing more services for patients to simplify the tasks for the healing process.

Recognize the Requirement for Special Precautions for Dispensing Medicines

Physicians have several responsibilities for dispensing medicines at an office. The medicines must be inspected for expiration dates and for accurate prescription labels to protect the patients. Physicians must carefully control the brand of medicines because some medicines can cause serious health problems for patients. The medicines must be safely stored and properly labelled in accordance with the laws for those pharmacy products.

Install Pharmacy Software in the Computer System for a Medical Office

Most in-house pharmacy software includes some automated features for inventory control management, for requesting payments from insurance companies and for reporting the information to the appropriate government agencies for controlling the services for dispensing prescription medicines. The labels for the medicines can be printed on an office printer. With some legal advice from an attorney, physicians can use contracts with special clauses to control liability problems before using software and services from a pharmacy management company.

Choose Which Medicines to Provide for Patients in a Medical Office

The choices about which medicines to provide for patients are important because the medicines may not be used before an expiration date and would then be returned to the pharmacy management company. The processes for billing and for collecting payments from insurance companies can be simplified with special choices for medicines because there are some restrictions from insurance companies about which methods can be used to dispense some medicines, such as with traditional or in-house pharmacy services.

Decisions about Prepackaged Medicines

There are several advantages from using prepackaged medicines. The process for dispensing prepackaged medicines is easy for physicians. There are fewer problems from contaminants, which would impair the quality of a medicine. A physician could choose to use a low quantity for the individual packages of medicines and could then simply use more than one package for a one-month prescription for a medicine. The medicines would also be easy to return to the pharmacy management company.

Recognize Problems for Patients with Regard to the Prices for Medicines

There are several factors that can affect the price of a medicine. The actions from a physician who puts a label on a bottle of pain medicine and then gives the bottle to a patient may not be approved actions for an authorized payment from some insurance companies. The restrictions for the methods to use to dispense a medicine can affect the price of a medicine. Physicians can try to control the prices for patients but should also realize that some patients may be required to get some medicines from a traditional pharmacy.

Physician Responsibilities for In-house Pharmacy Services

Physicians can use precautions to control liability problems and to protect the quality of the process for dispensing medicines at an office. There are important benefits for patients who can use one-stop medical services, such as avoiding excruciating pain while going to a pharmacy to get some prescription medicine. The decision about providing physician dispensing services for medicines is especially important for elderly patients and for patients who use a wheelchair, which are key factors for improving the services at a medical office.

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