Coaching for Pharmacy Safety

Coaching for Pharmacy Safety

Doctors that wish to bring extra revenue to their practices can do so by adding medication dispensing services to their office. This extra amenity not only increases a practice’s bottom line but also contributes to a more seamless and constructive experience for the patient. It strengthens the relationship between doctors and patients by giving the latter the confidence that their healthcare provider is the one supplying the treatment regimen.

Including medication dispensing in a medical practice’s list of services offered, while profitable, adds a host of processes to the operation of an office. In a demanding space such as the medical and pharmaceutical fields, constant education and training are essential for helping patients achieve optimal results. Coaching is also important for preventing accidents and avoiding litigation in a field that relies on following precise protocols. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that all safety and procedural standards are met.

The Advent of Workplace Coaching in the Medical Field

In his 2011 article in The New Yorker, “The Coach in the Operating Room,” surgeon Atul Gawande analyzes the benefits of coaching in the medical field. Gawande talks about how coaching for surgeons helps get them past certain plateaus. These plateaus have to do with a slowing down of the ideation involved with problem-solving in the operating room.

Just as in other fields such as sports or business, coaching should have a place in medicine. However, it has not yet reached a critical mass so as to be widely adopted. Gradually, more and more professionals within the medical field are turning to coaching in order to streamline their effectiveness.

Implementation of Coaching in Medicine

A tangible example of including coaching in a medical facility’s protocol is that of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. In 2007, a hospital-wide patient safety initiate was undertaken after being piloted in their radiology department. This new modus operandi brought workplace coaches in for an error prevention curriculum. This training included theoretical and exercise-based participation centered on patient safety.

The recruits for the program included coaches from different disciplines with a focus on fostering effective leadership and compassion. The idea of creating a support network built around a safety-based culture was key to the program’s success.

Benefits of Workplace Coaching for Pharmacy Safety

A practice’s medicine dispensing services can gain time and money-saving benefits from coaching. Effective dispensing includes everything from obtaining reimbursement to being able to offer the best medication options for optimizing revenue. A knowledgeable medicine dispensing consultant will help a practice implement the best solutions for smooth and sustainable operation.

Pharmacy Safety Best Practices

The job of a coach in the medical field is not only to streamline processes. The Cincinnati patient safety initiative that resulted from the aforementioned example offered valuable feedback regarding structured communication methods. They also provided valuable feedback and assessments to foster the creation of further growth and development in the area of safety.

Therefore, a pharmacy or in-office medicine dispensing service can greatly benefit from coaching by improving intangibles such as verbal communication and judgment calls. The types of decisions made in a pharmacy involve choices that can make the difference between a successful dispensing service and operating in the red. A competent consultant can guarantee costly inconsistencies are eliminated.

What Makes a Good Coach?

A High-Level Medicine Dispensing Coach Should Offer:

  • detailed monthly reports offering transparency on the prescriptions submitted, billed and collected
  • easy and immediate adjudication on all workers compensation, personal injury, no fault and auto prescriptions
  • monthly payments made to dispensing service
  • relevant, actionable guidance on the medication options available for optimizing revenue while keeping the patients’ health at heart
  • maximum reimbursement per script
  • improved interpersonal and customer service skills

Finding a Leader in Physician Dispensing Resources

If you own a medical practice and are looking to raise the level of your business, implementing in-house medicine dispensing can be a game-changer. It is good way of boosting revenue while retaining close proximity to patients and their treatment. A reliable consultant will help you avoid any obstacles and remove any uncertainty associated with the processes that govern a pharmacy’s operation.

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